Evan Boudreau, The Catholic Register

Evan Boudreau, The Catholic Register

Evan is a news reporter for The Catholic Register who graduated from Ryerson University's Bachelor of Journalism program with a major in newspaper and minor in English.

Byline appearances include The Hockey News, Fully Loaded, The Gravenhurst Banner, Classicboat Magazine and The Community Press.

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Ontario’s special needs students have received a helping hand from the Ministry of Education to the delight of the Catholic teachers’ union.

The Good Shepherd Ministries is finding yet one more way it can help the homeless and vulnerable.

By exporting abortion to the developing world the Canadian government is jeopardizing the morality of the nation and the mortality of those it should be helping, says a bioethics and social research report.

Before taking action, one must learn to listen when it comes to mission life in Canada.

Charity can be habit-forming — at least that’s the hope of the Christian think tank Cardus.

You might think that two brothers who ended up studying for the priesthood in the same seminary at the same time would have a lot in common.

Blair Stonechild knows first-hand the devastating effects residential schools had on First Nations spirituality.

Those invested in Peterborough's Sacred Heart College are riding high after an emotionally turbulent end to the month of March.

At St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish, religious sisters are serving as surrogate mothers to disadvantaged youth in one of Toronto’s poorest west-end neighbourhoods.

Rather than fighting to change the system which imposes euthanasia, health care professional bioethicist Bob Parke wants to create a private hospice that bans assisted killing and where dying will only come the natural way.