Pope Francis emphasizes real help for those in need, says Canadian Jesuit

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis' unique approach to teaching the faithful combines speaking clearly and simply with showing people what steps – even small steps – they can take to make a difference, a Vatican official said.

True faith means loving others to the extreme, Pope tells Egypt's Catholics

CAIRO – The only kind of fanaticism that is acceptable to God is being fanatical about loving and helping others, Pope Francis said on his final day in Egypt.

Unmask violence posing as holy, Pope tells religious leaders in Egypt

CAIRO – Calling his visit to Egypt a journey of "unity and fraternity," Pope Francis launched a powerful call to the nation's religious leaders to expose violence masquerading as holy and condemn religiously inspired hatred as an idolatrous caricature of God.

Scholar applauds Egypt trip, but says it might not be enough for change

ROME, ITALY – A leading scholar in the Arab world has applauded the goodwill of both the Vatican and the prestigious Islamic al-Azhar university Pope Francis will visit for aiming to increase Catholic-Muslim dialogue.

Church needs missionaries, not 'clericalized' laity, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – The Catholic Church needs laypeople with a missionary spirit, which means Catholics do not have to try to force members into a vocation that is the Holy Spirit's to give, Pope Francis said.

God’s authentic message brings peace, joy, new and abundant life

Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 7 (Year A) Acts 2:14a, 36b-41; Psalm 23; 1 Peter 2:20b-25; John 10:1-10

The Spirit gives us the courage and strength to speak and act despite our fear.

All Christians share the bond of faith

The heart has its reasons, says philosopher Blaise Pascal, and sometimes those reasons have a long history.

In unexpected TED Talk, Pope urges people to make real connections

VATICAN CITY – While searching for a connection today often means looking for Wi-Fi, Pope Francis said real connections between people are the only hope for the future.

Why be afraid when God is always showing the way, Pope says at audience

VATICAN CITY – Christians always have hope, no matter how bleak, bad or uncertain the journey, because they know God is always by their side, Pope Francis said.

Pope makes donation to handicapped-accessible beach project

VATICAN CITY – An Italian association that runs and maintains a Roman beach for disabled people received an unexpected donation from Pope Francis.

Pope pays tribute to modern martyrs, calls for witnesses of God's love

ROME – The Christian church today needs believers who witness each day to the power of God's love, but it also needs the heroic witness of those who stand up to hatred even when it means giving up their lives, Pope Francis said.