#Ashtags: When posting Ash Wednesday photos, use your head

WASHINGTON – Ash Wednesday seems to offer contradictory messages. The Gospel reading for the day is about not doing public acts of piety but the very act of getting ashes – and walking around with them – is pretty public.

Christians get social media, other online tools to observe Lent

For centuries during Lent, Christians have sought to grow closer to God through praying, fasting and giving to the poor.

Promote life by protecting, sharing clean water, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right and a key component in protecting human life, Pope Francis said.

Temptation can help us on path to God

First Sunday of Lent, March 5 (Year A) Genesis 2:7-9, 16-18, 25; 3:1-7; Psalm 51; Romans 5:12-19; Matthew 4:1-11

The story of the Garden of Eden and the Fall is deeply embedded in the consciousness of the West. Even those who are not at all religious are familiar with it and it has found its way into art, literature and music.

We all lose when it’s only about winning

Our society tends to divide us into winners and losers. Sadly, we don’t often reflect on how this affects our relationships with each other, nor on what it means for us as Christians.

Toronto family tells their story of migration directly to Pope Francis

A Toronto family had the chance to take centre stage during an audience with Pope Francis at the VI International Forum on Migration and Peace in the Vatican Feb. 21.

Pope Francis: creation is a sign of hope – we have to take care of it

VATICAN CITY – On Wednesday Pope Francis said creation has often suffered because of humanity’s sins and failings, stressing that we must take care of it because as Christians, we see signs of hope in Christ’s Resurrection in nature every day.

Vatican's new health charter goes beyond patient-doctor relations

VATICAN CITY – When updating the Catholic Church's medical and bioethical charter, experts decided it wasn't enough to aim the guidelines at health care professionals.

Did you know Mother Teresa experienced visions of Jesus?

VATICAN CITY – Even her friend of more than 30 years, Father Sebastian Vazhakala, did not know Mother Teresa had conversations with and visions of Jesus before forming the Missionaries of Charity.

Special Olympians show world that 'every person is a gift,' Pope says

VATICAN CITY – The athletes of the Special Olympics witness to the world the beauty and value of every human life and the joy that comes from reaching a goal with the encouragement and support of others, Pope Francis said.

Comfort knowing God has our back

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Feb. 26 (Year A) Isaiah 49:14-15; Psalm 62; 1 Corinthians 4:1-5; Matthew 6:24-34

One of the most painful burdens for people to bear is the feeling that they are forgotten or do not matter.