It is our duty to welcome the stranger

In the Hebrew Scriptures, that part of the Bible we call the Old Testament, we find a strong religious challenge to always welcome the stranger, the foreigner.

Catholic theologian urges closer ties with Russian Orthodox

OXFORD, England – A prominent Catholic ecumenist has urged a better understanding of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Diocesan phase of Fatima visionary's sainthood cause completed

VATICAN CITY – The Diocese of Coimbra concluded its phase of the sainthood cause of Carmelite Sister Lucia dos Santos, one of the three children who saw Our Lady of Fatima in 1917.

Complete collection of Fr. Freitas' columns on prayer and praying

This is the completely collection of Fr. Frank Freitas' four-part series of columns about prayer and praying that originally appeard in the print edition of The Catholic Register.

Pope Francis seeks forgiveness from clergy sex abuse victims

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has condemned clerical sex abuse as an “absolute monstrosity” and asked victims and their families for forgiveness on behalf of the Catholic Church.

Celebrating marriage: Newlyweds look to Pope for blessings, strength

VATICAN CITY – Each week dozens of newlyweds, dressed again in their wedding gowns and tuxedoes, come to the Vatican to receive a special papal blessing as they begin their lives together.

17th century Samurai martyr beatified in Japan

TOKYO, Japan – A 17th century Catholic Samurai and martyr was beatified during a Mass in ‎Osaka, Japan on Tuesday.

Health care is not a business, but a service to life, says Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY – A nation's health-care system cannot be run simply as a business because human lives are at stake, Pope Francis said.

Catholics, Protestants release Bible translations at joint service

STUTTGART, Germany – Five centuries after the start of the Protestant Reformation, leaders of the Catholic and Lutheran churches came together in a demonstration of unity to release new Bible translations.

Pope Francis admits there's corruption at the Vatican

VATICAN CITY – In a talk with representatives of Catholic men's religious orders, Pope Francis admitted there’s “corruption” in the Vatican but said he is not troubled by it and is working to reform the church administration.

Forgiveness can conquer bitterness

One of the dangers inherent in trying to live out a life of Christian fidelity is that we are prone to become embittered moralizers, older brothers of the prodigal son, angry and jealous at God’s over-generous mercy, bitter because persons who wander and stray can so easily access the heavenly banquet table.