Churches must be a sanctuary for all

Whenever we have been at our best, as Christians, we have opened our churches as sanctuaries to the poor and the endangered.

St. Thomas Aquinas’ masterwork continues to amaze

I have a long love affair with St. Thomas Aquinas, the 13th-century philosopher, theologian, teacher, writer and Dominican preacher who stands among the most important Catholic thinkers of the past 2,000 years.

Reconciliation is harder than we think

How difficult is human relationship! How glorious, how deeply and universally sought-after it is! Our hunger for relationship can draw out the best and the worst in us. The deepest wrestling is with one another, in relationship — be it person to person, nation to nation, or Church to Church.  

Hope, not optimism, is needed to rebuild, Pope tells Italian quake survivors

VATICAN CITY – Along the difficult path of rebuilding their lives, survivors of the earthquake that devastated central Italy must also rebuild their hearts with a strong foundation built on hope, Pope Francis said.

Pope kicks off new year renewing 'zero tolerance' policy on abuse

VATICAN CITY – In a letter sent to bishops around the world for the feast of the Holy Innocents, Pope Francis lamented the many children who suffer from war, slavery and various forms of abuse, including within the Church.

After Istanbul attack, Pope prays for those who fight 'bloody stain' of terrorism

VATICAN CITY – On the first day of the new year and the 50th World Day of Peace, Pope Francis condemned a terrorist attack which took place in Istanbul early Sunday morning, praying for the victims, the injured and in support of everyone who works to fight violence and terrorism.

New Year calls for courage, hope; no more hatred, selfishness, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – Whether the new year will be good or not depends on us choosing to do good each day, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis: Middle East Christians reflect heroism of St. Stephen

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has said the heroic martyrdom of St. Stephen is mirrored in the persecution of modern-day Christians, particularly in the Middle East.

On Christmas Day, Pope Francis prays for peace around the world

VATICAN CITY – In his traditional Urbi et Orbi blessing Christmas Day, Pope Francis prayed that the Child Jesus, also called the Prince of Peace, would bring a real and lasting peace to everyone suffering from violence and conflict around the world.

Pope Francis at Midnight Mass: Want to see God this Christmas? Be humble

VATICAN CITY – On Christmas Eve, Pope Francis noted how the coming of Jesus as an infant is paradoxical to the images of grandeur that had accompanied the prophesies on the coming of the Messiah, saying this should challenges us to go beyond the ephemeral and focus on what really counts.

Real gift this Christmas? God giving world his son, Jesus, Pope says to Vatican employees

VATICAN CITY – While exchanging gifts for Christmas is a beautiful tradition, Pope Francis said, do not forget the one and only real gift people will ever receive is God's gift to humanity – his son, Jesus Christ.