Sabbath rest needed now more than ever

Early Christian monks believed in something they called acedia. More colloquially, they called it the “noonday devil,” a name that essentially describes the concept.

Prophets’ call to action are still relevant

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Feb. 5 (Year A) Isaiah 58:6-10; Psalm 112; 1 Corinthians 2:1-5; Matthew 5:13-16

Why does God seem so distant or even absent in our world? Why are our societies and nations so polarized and torn by divisions?

Prayer requires a sharp focus (Part 2 of 4 about prayer)

This is the second in a series of four columns by Fr. Frank Freitas about praying and prayer. (Here's part 1, part 3 and part 4)

Never underestimate the courage and wisdom of women, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – The humble counsel of courageous women should never be disregarded but rather embraced as advice full of God's divine wisdom, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis: Christian unity can't happen if we linger on problems of the past

ROME, Italy – During an ecumenical Vespers service on Wednesday, Pope Francis told both Catholics and members of other Christian communities that unity can only happen when past grievances are forgiven and all sides walk forward with their gaze on Christ.

The new head of Opus Dei has a simple plan for the prelature

VATICAN CITY – The new head of Opus Dei has been confirmed by Pope Francis, and his plan for the prelature is simple.

Pope tells media: reject prejudice, leave space for hope

VATICAN CITY – At a time when the media seem to feed a "vicious cycle of anxiety" and a "spiral of fear," Christians should respond with honest stories that identify problems and evil, but also inspire real solutions, Pope Francis said.

Mafia crime is 'radically opposed' to the Gospel, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – Frequently an outspoken critic against organized crime, Pope Francis again came out with harsh words for those involved in the mafia and other criminal activities, which he said are “stained with blood” and go directly against the faith.

Vatican Museums open doors wider with mobile-friendly website, YouTube channel

VATICAN CITY – In an effort to share its masterpieces with even more people around the world, the Vatican Museums has established a YouTube channel and revamped its website to offer high-resolution images and mobile-friendly information.

Church must accompany couples before, after marriage, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – To ensure engaged couples are entering into a fully Catholic marriage and remain committed to their vows for life, they must be prepared properly beforehand and supported afterward, Pope Francis said.

Pope to Dominicans on 800th anniversary: Your good works give glory to God

ROME, Italy – Saturday Pope Francis encouraged Dominicans to persevere in their good works of the last 800 years, which have been like the “salt” and “light” of Christ, spreading the Gospel throughout the world.