Pope Benedict XVI steps down


Cardinals applaud Benedict at pre-conclave Mass

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Cardinals end pre-conclave meetings, hear report on Vatican bank

Cardinals complete pre-conclave meetings, voting begins on Tuesday

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Conclave to begin Tuesday

Tourists, locals stake out spot where cardinals gather for meetings

Church should always reform and improve

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Pope says he's going from humble servant to simple pilgrim

Faithful throw big farewell at Pope's last general audience

Pope's final Angelus draws 150,000+

Pope delivers personal, emotional farewell address at audience

Pope offers thanks to God for support over the years

Pope Benedict to be 'Pope emeritus'

@Pontifex hibernates during interregnum, @TerzaLoggia set to fly

Vatican denounces press reports on papal transition

Pope accepts cardinal's resignation; he'll stay away from conclave

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Pope Benedict saw Jews, Muslims as allies in defending belief in God 

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Sadness, celebration mark Pope's first public event since announcement

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14 cardinals from Canada, US eligible to vote in conclave

Citing health reasons, Pope Benedict announces he will resign

Pope will be missed, says Prime Minister

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