It’s in the giving that Jean Vanier has received

A well-known line from the Peace Prayer of St. Francis wisely tells us “it is in giving that we receive.” This mantra encapsulates the incredible life of spiritual giant Jean Vanier, now 87, chronicled in Michael Higgins’ biography Jean Vanier: Logician of the Heart.

'Ben-Hur' remake stresses reconciliation theme, producer Downey says

WASHINGTON – It's been 57 years since the last film version of "Ben-Hur" hit movie theaters. That alone is, for most Hollywood types, reason enough for a remake.

Movie Review: Ben-Hur

NEW YORK – Few films come to the screen with the kind of storied pedigree that lies behind "Ben-Hur" (Paramount).

Coming to terms with Holocaust and homeland

Dear Mr. Eisen, I have been asked to write a review of your book, By Chance Alone. I took this on with trepidation. After all, what can I say?

Faith inspired gold medallist well beyond the track

Most people would know the story of Eric Liddell from the 1981 film Chariots of Fire, where his character was featured along with his Olympic “rival” Harold Abrahams. No less compelling than the Oscar-winning movie — though taking less creative licence — For the Glory portrays a more comprehensive and historically accurate Liddell by exploring the role his faith played throughout his life.

Adult colouring books get niched: Colour me Christian, Jewish, Muslim and more

It is hard to walk into a grocery store, drugstore, gas station or anywhere else without coming across a display of adult colouring books. The trend started a couple of years ago with Johanna Basford’s uber-popular volumes of pretty flowers and frolicking sea life.

ISIS slaughter turns singer’s focus to refugees

It was February 2015 and American singer-songwriter Audrey Assad was working with fellow Catholic artist Matt Maher on his new album. She was sitting in Maher’s backyard when she came across the shocking video online. Twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christian men were about to be beheaded by the Islamic State on a Libyan beach.

Bible Gateway now lets users search the Bible using emoji

Ever wonder what the Bible has to say about praise hands and tears of joy? Now you can search the Bible using emoji on Bible Gateway.

‘Free State of Jones’ is a movie based on the Bible as well as history

It’s a long way from Hollywood, yet a swampy corner of southeast Mississippi has given the film world its latest hero — or maybe antihero.

Alfonse Borysewicz’s lonely struggle gives Catholic art a modern face

Whenever Alfonse Borysewicz addresses a fresh canvas, a daunting set of issues stares back at him.