Adult colouring books get niched: Colour me Christian, Jewish, Muslim and more

It is hard to walk into a grocery store, drugstore, gas station or anywhere else without coming across a display of adult colouring books. The trend started a couple of years ago with Johanna Basford’s uber-popular volumes of pretty flowers and frolicking sea life.

ISIS slaughter turns singer’s focus to refugees

It was February 2015 and American singer-songwriter Audrey Assad was working with fellow Catholic artist Matt Maher on his new album. She was sitting in Maher’s backyard when she came across the shocking video online. Twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christian men were about to be beheaded by the Islamic State on a Libyan beach.

Bible Gateway now lets users search the Bible using emoji

Ever wonder what the Bible has to say about praise hands and tears of joy? Now you can search the Bible using emoji on Bible Gateway.

‘Free State of Jones’ is a movie based on the Bible as well as history

It’s a long way from Hollywood, yet a swampy corner of southeast Mississippi has given the film world its latest hero — or maybe antihero.

Alfonse Borysewicz’s lonely struggle gives Catholic art a modern face

Whenever Alfonse Borysewicz addresses a fresh canvas, a daunting set of issues stares back at him.

Book Review: The art of a good homily

Dissatisfaction with homilies is the most common complaint Catholics have about their priests, even leading many to skip Mass, according to Canadian and American surveys. Clerics themselves pinpoint uninspiring sermons as a general flaw among their colleagues. The main weaknesses they cite are poor delivery, superficial content and a disconnect from the lives of people in the pews. 

Review: Paul Martin Sr. biography gives Catholic politician recognition he rarely received

If Paul Martin Sr. had won the 1948 Liberal leadership convention instead of Louis St. Laurent, the Martins, not the Trudeaus, may well have been the first father and son to lead the country.

Canadian Holocaust survivor tells story of his lucky escape in new memoir

AURORA, ONT. – When a gang of pretty high school girls spot 87-year-old Max Eisen they all shout “Max!” and shuffle over for a hug and a chat with the man who showed them the inside of Auschwitz last summer.

Vanier shows us what it’s like to be more human

TORONTO – The inspiration and wisdom of L’Arche founder Jean Vanier teaches us not only how to become more human, but also how to be people of faith in a world wary of religion, author and academic Michael Higgins told about 100 people present for the Toronto launch of his new biography of the Canadian philosopher.

Ewan McGregor explores Jesus’ humanness in 'Last Days in the Desert'

“Daunting” is one word Ewan McGregor used about stepping into the role of Jesus in the new film Last Days in the Desert.