Can religious art be taken seriously again? A Q&A with Aaron Rosen

It is not easy to be a respected member of the art-world intelligentsia and take religion seriously.

“Religion and modern art continue to be typecast as mortal enemies,” writes Aaron Rosen.

‘Of Kings and Prophets’ like ‘Game of Thrones’ minus the dragons

If you’re planning to watch “Of Kings and Prophets,” bring your bandages.

One man’s belief that culture conquers all

The main driving force of history is neither politics nor economics but rather the culture in which these human conditions exist, or so thought a pope who witnessed the phenomenon first hand.

Boston Cardinal O’Malley praises Oscar winner ‘Spotlight’

Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley has praised the Oscar-winning movie “Spotlight,” which portrays The Boston Globe’s investigation of clergy sexual abuse in the archdiocese, for forcing the Catholic Church to acknowledge its “crimes and sins” in covering up for predator priests.


NEW YORK - In days of yore, Hollywood knew how to make Christian themes pay off at the box office.


NEW YORK - Run, don't walk, to the nearest multiplex and see "Race" (Focus), a supremely entertaining biopic about Olympic track and field legend Jesse Owens (Stephan James).

A hardened soldier’s story of redemption

A fictionalized film account of the days following Christ’s death and resurrection, Risen tries to stay true to Scripture as it tells the story of a Roman soldier tasked with solving Christianity’s most fundamental mystery.

A failure to communicate

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has decided it doesn’t need a communications committee any more.

Kids’ questions to Pope become book

VATICAN CITY - Children may say the darnedest things, but when it comes to questions about faith they can make even the most learned parents and priests pause.

Modern-day descent into hell

You might think Heaven and hell are a matched set — you can’t have one without the other. But the post-modern mind seems to have decoupled two of the most basic and universal religious ideas in human history, according to the writer and host of Hell: A Survivor’s Guide.

Pier Giorgio di Cicco and the story of a life

Fr. Pier Giorgio Di Cicco immediately seizes the reader’s attention with his strong personal voice, the connecting feature of his new poetry collection Mystic Playground.