Canadian Holocaust survivor tells story of his lucky escape in new memoir

AURORA, ONT. – When a gang of pretty high school girls spot 87-year-old Max Eisen they all shout “Max!” and shuffle over for a hug and a chat with the man who showed them the inside of Auschwitz last summer.

Vanier shows us what it’s like to be more human

TORONTO – The inspiration and wisdom of L’Arche founder Jean Vanier teaches us not only how to become more human, but also how to be people of faith in a world wary of religion, author and academic Michael Higgins told about 100 people present for the Toronto launch of his new biography of the Canadian philosopher.

Ewan McGregor explores Jesus’ humanness in 'Last Days in the Desert'

“Daunting” is one word Ewan McGregor used about stepping into the role of Jesus in the new film Last Days in the Desert.

On the cross, love triumphs over hatred

Both the passion and the cross are visceral images for Christians. The cross confirms our identity. It is a sign of both blessing and suffering. It is an essential part of our holy spaces, marking our membership in the community of Christ. Without the passion, there would be no Resurrection, and no Christian faith. Christ died on the cross for us so our sins would be forgiven. It is the cross, and the brokenness of the person who died on it, that are the secret of the Gospels, Oblate Father Ronald Rolheiser writes in his latest book, The Passion and the Cross.

Religious films showcased at Hollywood festival

NEW YORK – Religious movies with a Catholic focus will be among those showcased at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood April 28-May 1.

The Bible is among 10 ‘most challenged’ books of 2015

What does the Bible have in common with Fifty Shades of Grey or one of John Green’s best-selling young adult novels?

Chesterton a ‘prophet of our times’

TORONTO – Although much of his work relies on long outdated references, there is still an inherent value to reading G.K. Chesterton’s essays, novels and short stories for Canadians today.

Caravaggio calls to Francis across the centuries

If Pope Francis wanted a single image to illustrate the special Year of Mercy that is the current focus of his ministry and, indeed, at the heart of his pontificate, he could do no better than choosing an underappreciated masterpiece by the Italian artist Caravaggio.

Life of Jesus recalled through the power of classical music

TORONTO – The life of Jesus Christ has for centuries been a compelling story for artists and musicians.

'God's not Dead 2' and 'Miracles from Heaven' blessed with ticket sales

Evangelical Christian inspiration and apologetics are filling theater seats, with two films in the top five for box office last weekend.

The Story of God shares Morgan Freeman’s questions of faith

CHICAGO - It all started about seven years ago when actor Morgan Freeman visited the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Noticing the mosaics of Jesus inside the museum, Freeman asked his tour guide, who was Muslim, if the tiles had been covered over when the building, originally a Greek Orthodox church, was used as a mosque.