Data from two major polling firms show Canadians are nowhere close to the caricature of faith-hostile atheists that we’ve been led to believe characterize us.

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Canadians are mostly faithful believers in God who value family life, honesty and concern for others, according to an Angus Reid Institute survey.

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When Bishop Vincent Nguyen arrived in Toronto fresh from a refugee camp, after surviving a dangerous journey in a flimsy fishing boat, he found a home.

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Right and wrong are not black and white for Canadians. There’s at least 50 shades of grey in the answers Canadians gave the non-profit Angus Reid Institute to questions about morality and ethics.

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OTTAWA - A recent Angus Reid Global poll shows 59 per cent of Canadians are “fine” with no law restricting abortion, contradicting LifeCanada’s consistent polling results since 2002 that show Canadians seek some restrictions on abortion.

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