Beyond absurdity

Last week, two vibrant Catholic voices spoke on the same night in venues across the street from each other in downtown Toronto.

Harriet’s spirit wins out in the long run

The brutality of life on the streets could not defeat this ‘I used to be famous’ woman

There are evenings when I am walking the streets that deep theological insights come abruptly to my mind. This was one such evening.

The Synod’s curious biblical commentary

VATICAN CITY - One of the most repeated themes during the Synod on the Family was the need for a more biblically based approach. The original working document for the Synod — the Instrumentum Laboris — came in for repeated and severe criticism for taking as its starting point sociological data rather than the Word of God.

Which Canadian way will alter the Tiber?

VATICAN CITY - Canadians had a rather prominent role in the first week of the Synod on the Family. Two of the language- based discussion groups elected Canadians as their moderators — Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto for one of the English groups, and Cardinal Gerald Lacroix for one of the French.

Pope set-up says plenty about rifts in Church

Francis caught up in smear job by social ideologues

African bishops fired up in defense of marriage

The Synod on the Family begins Oct. 4 and promises to be a rather unpleasant few weeks in the life of the Church.

Banging on the doors of fortress Europe

Migrant crisis leads one to wonder: how many are real refugees, how many are queue-jumpers?

The day after our friend George was elected MP, I walked to his house with a bottle of champagne. It wasn’t chilled, so George and his wife took another bottle from the fridge. When I left them I was a little woozy but not so woozy that I couldn’t do a little lobbying: “I know, George, that if the question comes up in the House, you will speak on behalf of the Middle Eastern Christians.”

Jim’s death diminishes me, but also gives me strength

Some weeks ago, I mentioned an inevitable goodbye that would take place with a dear friend whom I met on the first day of Grade 9 at Neil McNeil High School in Toronto’s east end 40 years ago next week.

Philip Neri’s heritage of joy

WOLFE ISLAND, Ont. - One of the highlights of my summer is “Seminarian Week” on Wolfe Island.

Vocations are blooming in Edinburgh

It’s late August, and the wild roses have blown over. In July they grew profusely, and every time I passed them on the way to the supermarket I stopped to smell them. Although its delicious scent is indistinguishable from that of the pink, I like the proverbial “white rose of Scotland” best.

Politicians trump people

Green Party leader Elizabeth May made the perceptive point recently that democracy is too important to be left only to politicians. A nuance that might be added is that as a keystone of democracy, free, fair and above all vigorous elections should never become the exclusive preserve of the political actors seeking to benefit from them.