God's Word on Sunday: God is closest when times are tough

Third Sunday of Lent, March 15 (Year A) Exodus 17:3-7; Psalm 95; Romans 5:1-2, 5-8; John 4:5-42

Water is an absolute necessity for life. We feel its absence very quickly and soon reach a point where we would do anything to quench our thirst.

    French cardinal Barbarin resigns following overturned abuse conviction

    VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon, five weeks after a French appeals court overturned his conviction for failing to report clerical sexual abuse.

      Abuse rules ordered for lay movements

      VATICAN CITY -- Days after revelations of sexual abuse committed by Jean Vanier, a Vatican abuse expert said organizations led by a charismatic leader who is followed uncritically and commands or demands control over members are at risk for cases of physical, sexual and psychological abuse.

        Pope Francis establishes 'climate action' week

        VATICAN CITY -- Saying he wanted to renew his "urgent call to respond to the ecological crisis," Pope Francis asked Catholics around the globe to participate in the international observance of "Laudato Si' Week" May 16-24.

          Pope Francis skips Lenten retreat with Roman Curia due to a cold

          VATICAN CITY -- Continuing his recovery from a mild cold, Pope Francis said that he would be unable to attend his annual Lenten retreat with Roman Curia officials.

            God's Word on Sunday: We are challenged to trust in God

            Second Sunday of Lent, March 8 (Year A) Genesis 12:1-4; Psalm 33; 2 Timothy 1:8b-10; Matthew 17:1-9

            So much can hang on a simple yes or no response to a calling from God.

              Humanity, ethics must be at center of AI technology, Pope Francis says

              VATICAN CITY -- The use of artificial intelligence in science and medicine must be guided by ethical standards that place humanity and the pursuit of the common good first, Pope Francis said.

                Pope Francis skips penance service with Rome clergy due to mild cold

                VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis did not attend a traditional penitential service with priests of the Diocese of Rome due to a mild cold, the Vatican said.

                  Pope Francis: Lent is a time to reflect on God's love, not 'useless sermons'

                  ROME -- Ashes not only symbolize humanity's frail mortality but are also a reminder of God's infinite love of people, whom he created from dust, Pope Francis said.

                    God's Word on Sunday: Finding our way back to Eden

                    First Sunday of Lent, March 1 (Year A) Genesis 2:7-9, 16-18, 25, 3:1-7; Psalm 51; Romans 5:12-19; Matthew 4:1-11

                    What is the root sin of humanity? Despite the many likely candidates, there is but one: self. 

                      A search for ‘strengths’ in community

                      Fr. Dominic Barber believes he’s found the tool that will take St. Patrick’s Parish in Markham, Ont., on the path to a stronger, more engaged parish.