Impact of legalized marijuana needs greater study, Vatican official says

VATICAN CITY – While some countries continue to debate the legalization of marijuana, its effects and impact on possible dependency need to be further understood, said the head of the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

Vatican announces Pope will attend reconciliation events in Colombia

WASHINGTON – Days after rebels in Colombia announced turning in the last of their cache of weapons over to international observers, the Vatican announced June 23 details of Pope Francis' September trip to the war-torn South American country.

Nice guy or tough guy? The two faces of Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY – To the vast majority, Pope Francis is the compassionate face of Catholicism today.

Pope uses common veneration of relics to foster relations with Orthodox

VATICAN CITY – Common veneration of relics is one of the tools Pope Francis is using to foster ecumenical relations with the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Jesuit program goes to 'the margins' to bring education to refugees

WASHINGTON – Jesuit Worldwide Learning: Education at the Margins offers a mixture of online and in-person educational opportunities in service of people who have been displaced because of political turmoil, violence and other crises throughout the world.

Pope Francis: Clergy in Middle East must be the 'last among the least'

VATICAN CITY – Christians in war-torn areas of the Middle East must never be far from priests and bishops in their country so they can feel God's closeness in the midst of suffering, Pope Francis said.

Faith: Churches in the West can overcome ‘noon-day fatigue’

There’s a popular notion which suggests that it can be helpful to compare every century of Christianity’s existence to one year of life. That would make Christianity 21 years old, a young 21, grown-up enough to exhibit a basic maturity but still far from a finished product. How insightful is this notion?

Pope tells NFL legends he backs a ‘different’ kind of football

VATICAN CITY – It may not have been his kind of "football," and he may not have much use for his new helmet, but Pope Francis welcomed a group of NFL veterans and told them their sport has "virtues."

Faith: We all have a role in discipleship

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 2 (Year A) 2 Kings 4:8-12a, 14-16; Psalm 89; Romans 6:3-4, 8-11; Matthew 10:37-42

The Bible is a book of familiar themes that find their way into many different stories.

Faith: Special bond unites fraternity of priests

The priests of the Diocese of Hamilton gathered recently for the Mass of Christian Burial for one of our priests, Fr. Philip Sherlock.

Pope accepts early resignation of Vatican's first independent auditor

VATICAN CITY – Just two years after being hired to help with the Vatican's efforts in finance reform, Libero Milone – the Vatican's first independent auditor who answered only to the Pope – handed a request for his resignation to Pope Francis.