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WASHINGTON – Charles Mully has had an incredible life story. And he's not finished yet.

The Kenyan-born Mully, 68, was abandoned by his family when he was 6 years old. For a decade, he scratched out a living for himself. At age 16, he encountered Christ in a personal way and later became a successful businessman, but he ditched it all to establish the Mully Children's Family, a home to shelter kids who had been abandoned like he once had been.

HopeStone retreats put spotlight on youth


Stacey Leitmann was preparing herself for a tough day.

Deacons stay true to vision


When 33 men took the bold step in 1972 to prepare for ordination into the permanent diaconate for the Catholic Church in Canada, they were preparing themselves for ministering to their communities.

Saskapriest’s ministry finds online audience


Fr. Darryl Millette is one social media savvy priest. He podcasts his homilies, has over 3,000 followers on Twitter and extends his ministry through a cleverly named blog — Saskapriest.

Travellers’ extra luggage a real life-saver


When the suitcase from Not Just Tourists arrived in northern Ghana, it was like Christmas for the local clinic doctor.

A love that is louder than noise


As a child, I wanted to be famous. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to be well known or revered. Rather, I wanted my life to matter. In my limited childhood understanding, fame was the reward for a life that mattered.

Alemão brothers find common ground in vocation


You might think that two brothers who ended up studying for the priesthood in the same seminary at the same time would have a lot in common.

St. Augustine's class of 2017 ready to join priesthood


Eleven graduates from Toronto’s St. Augustine’s Seminary were introduced at this year’s Ordinandi Dinner, including the Alemão brothers (read their story here). Here are profiles of the others to be ordained this spring.

Faith Connections fills the youth ministry gap


Young adults ministry can be difficult to facilitate, but Sr. Mechtilde O’Mara says this is precisely why this ministry is essential.

Better late than never for the religious life


It is never too late to answer God’s call to religious life.

Healing power comes in many forms


A Catholic deacon’s ministry is usually found in one of three areas: hospitals, missions and prisons. For me, the blessing is to minister to the sick, their families and caregivers at a major hospital.

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