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A recent cover story in Time magazine titled “The Childfree Life” generated a good deal of controversy and commentary. The photo that graced the cover pretty much sums up the argument: a young, fit couple lounge languidly on a beach and gaze up at the camera with blissful smiles — with no child anywhere in sight.

Pro-lifers urged to tap into their inner video director


The Right to Life Associations in Hanover and Walkerton, Ont., are calling on pro-lifers to be music video directors.

Finding strength in a loved one’s time of dying


My sister was going on a journey and needed me at her side. I told myself I didn’t have the time, the resources or energy to go with her, but she was persistent and loving and had a look in her eyes that pulled me in.

Where faith meets family


TORONTO - In Toronto, it’s easy to find classes for first-time parents aimed at raising happy and healthy children.

Counsellors highlight communication in marriage


EDMONTON - “Marriage is a way to show us how God loves us and how we can love God in return through our spouse.”

Campaigning for life for 35 years


TORONTO - For 35 years Campaign Life Coalition has fought on the political front of the pro-life movement — and to its dismay the end is nowhere in sight.

Treatment gives hope to childless couples


TORONTO - Jenny Celly had almost given up hope of having a child. After two years of expensive fertility treatments without success, she was skeptical in 2010 when she and her husband Martin Castillo went to FertilityCare Toronto. But three months later Celly was pregnant and today the couple has a 19-month old daughter named Leilah.

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