Vatican gallery reopens after seven-year restoration

VATICAN CITY – One of the jewels in the Vatican Museums will reopen to the public after a $2.4 million makeover to make it earthquake resistant.

Sweet harmonies of Missouri cloistered nuns are fruit of their faith

GOWER, Mo. – Tucked away off a rocky road in Gower in rural Missouri, a small community of cloistered nuns has just come out with a new Christmas album.

Saint John Paul II documentary takes two Emmys

CHICAGO, Ill. – Two Emmy Awards have gone to a documentary that shows St. John Paul II’s central role in the end of communism.

Movie Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

NEW YORK – With "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," last year's promising reignition of the iconic franchise, "The Force Awakens," gains a worthy – and equally family-friendly – companion.

Hark the herald angels: How sacred music evangelizes, lifts up hearts

VATICAN CITY – 'Tis the season for a huge assortment of holiday concerts and carols to choose from, making Advent and Christmas a unique period for reminding people of the evergreen beauty of sacred music.

Sacred music and jazz, one composer's response to Vatican II

ROME, Italy – For American composer J.J. Wright, the Second Vatican Council's call to inculturate the Church's ancient musical traditions into “mission territory” – while preserving its unity – is something he has adopted personally with one of his greatest passions: jazz.

In Jesuit publications, filmmaker Scorsese talks about his faith

ROME – In two long interviews with Jesuit publications, director Martin Scorsese described his new film Silence as a major stage in his pilgrimage of faith, a pilgrimage that included flunking out of the minor seminary, investigating other religions and recognizing that the Catholic Church was his home.

Producer out to fill video void for Catholic kids

Jason Taylor logged on to Facebook one June afternoon and found a post that triggered an idea he long carried in his mind.

St. Michael's Choir School expanding its musical reach

Since St. Michael's Choir School began pressing albums in the 1970s, those purchasing the choral soundtracks were much like the students – members of an exclusive club.

'Man Up!' play brings powerful message of mentoring hopeless young men

OTTAWA – In very dramatic fashion, the Vancouver-based Boys Club Network has taken its case for mentoring programs to Parliament Hill.