A bishop, a rabbi and an imam are building a house ….

Teaching resource examines Christian-Jewish relations


With people marching through downtown Charlottesville, Va., in crash helmets, carrying shields and truncheons and giving Nazi salutes, there can’t be much question of the need for everybody to review the history of Christian- Jewish relations since the world learned the horrors of Auschwitz in the Second World War, says the director of the Institute for Jewish- Catholic Relations at Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s University.

Students earn a second chance at Fraser


On the first Friday of the new school year, a steady stream of students pour into Monsignor Fraser College’s registration office. Among them is 20-year-old Vicki Goffi, who says with unwavering confidence that she is going to earn her high school diploma this year.

Exhibit puts Reformation history in focus


It begins with the Beguines — the Reformation, that is.

Northern church is an answer to prayer


FORT SIMPSON, N.W.T. - The people of the small, remote town of Fort Simpson, N.W.T., say it’s a prayer answered.

Bishops are in no rush to revise Missal


OTTAWA - Despite an edict from Pope Francis to allow broad input on liturgy, the English translation of the new Roman Missal is unlikely to be revised any time soon in Canada, say bishops.

Worst of Irma brings out best in America


Canadians are privy to so much information about our southern neighbours. It’s unfortunate that most often it’s the bad that overwhelms us when we think of the United States.

Young girl’s dream inspires a community


Athena Santos Roy’s dream is to walk and run and jump just like any other kid.

Winnipeg Catholic hospital draws euthanasia battle lines


All summer long Winnipeg’s St. Boniface Hospital has been in the eye of a storm over its right as a religious health care institution to refuse to provide euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Mary Wagner’s war


Women in jail tell Mary Wagner about their abortions.

Church leaders offer prayers, Mexicans pitch in after earthquake


MEXICO CITY – Mexican church leaders offered prayers and urged generosity after an earthquake struck the national capital and its environs, claiming more than 240 lives -- including at least 20 children trapped in a collapsed school.


'Little things' of life feed spiritual growth

Peter Stockland writes about how the 'little things' of life feed spiritual growth


Pope's homily

'Let us give Jesus our sins'

Read the latest homily given by Pope Francis.