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There is one abortion clinic in Edmonton: a squat, grey building with a single sign saying “Women’s Health Options” in small letters near a nondescript front door.

Some tips on keeping holidays peaceful

The Christmas season is a hectic time and staying sane — not to mention enjoying this time of the year — is even more of a challenge for those who don’t get along well with their extended family.

Sisters seek to build a healing path post abortion

By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register
Angelina Steenstra had an abortion at 15 years old. 

Adoption changed teen’s outlook on life

By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

Dominique Sousa has been pro-life since birth.

Understanding fertility is key to good marriage


SURREY,  B.C. – For Dominic and Lisa Price natural family planning is exactly that —natural.

Film steers youth away from porn


VANCOUVER – Two activists have released a new documentary aiming to expose the prevalence and danger of pornography to youth.

Right to Try offers terminal patients another option


Jeffrey Perrault can’t bring himself to condemn Bill C-14, the law that opened the door to legalized assisted suicide in Canada. He knows it may be an option he’s forced to consider as his battle with ALS worsens.

Young couple shares their life lessons

By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but Michael and Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt never would have guessed that their marital bliss would be cut short by a pile of dirty containers.

Doctors will need to engage patients on their end-of-life decisions

By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Dr. Bill Sullivan — Catholic bioethicist, researcher and medical doctor — wants to counter demands for assisted suicide with conversation, care and relationships.

Spirituality is comforting in the aging process

By Evan Boudreau, The Catholic Register

TORONTO - Coming to terms with aging through spiritual discernment is critical to sound decision making in the second half of life, said Sr. Mary Rose Marrin.

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