There’s honest sin and dishonest sin

There’s an axiom which says: Nothing feels better than virtue.

Lent shines a light on our path to renewal

Andrew and Martha sat glumly. They were stuck in the same argument they’d had so many times before in their life together as a couple. One stabbed using sharp words, the other stonewalled using the silent treatment.

Pope at Ash Wednesday Mass: Lent breathes life into world asphyxiated by sin

ROME – Lent is a time to receive God's breath of life, a breath that saves humanity from suffocating under the weight of selfishness, indifference and piety devoid of sincerity, Pope Francis said.

Lent isn’t just about penance – it’s also a time of hope, Pope Francis says

VATICAN CITY – On Ash Wednesday Pope Francis said that while Lent is certainly a time of mortification, it’s also a journey of hope that leads to the joy of Christ’s Resurrection – a journey that requires both daily sacrifice and love.

These 17th century monks did a beer fast for Lent

WASHINGTON – As Ash Wednesday kicks off the Lenten season, Catholics enter into 40 days of abstaining from sweets, technology, alcohol and other luxuries.

Pope paints picture of Sweden that's at odds with Trump’s

VATICAN CITY – In an interview with a magazine that supports the homeless, Pope Francis suggested wealthy nations are partly to blame for the migrant crisis and urged Europeans and others to stand “in the shoes” of those arriving at their borders.

Don't worry how it's spent, always give to homeless, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – People who don't give money to the homeless because they think it will be spent on alcohol and not food should ask themselves what guilty pleasures they are secretly spending money on, Pope Francis said.

Priest: We need to praise what is good, true in the Muslim faith

VATICAN CITY – Not only is there a good deal in common between Muslims and Christians, but Catholics are called to respect and work together with those who practice the Muslim faith in recognition of truth and goodness they do possess, said Islam scholar Fr. Thomas Michel.

Pope furthers sainthood causes of eight men, women

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis advanced the sainthood cause of two medical doctors and six religious – many of whom died just a generation ago.

Pope to priests: Defend marriage ministering to those in irregular unions

VATICAN CITY – Reaching out to and guiding couples in cohabitation with tenderness and compassion is essential to promoting and defending the sanctity of marriage, Pope Francis said.

Ash Wednesday: Ancient tradition still thrives in modern times

WASHINGTON – In more ways than one, Ash Wednesday – celebrated March 1 this year – leaves a mark.