Pope Francis to visit Chile, Peru in January 2018

LIMA, Peru – The Holy See Press Office announced Monday that Pope Francis will travel to Chile from January 15 to 18 and Peru from January 18 to 21, 2018.

Eucharist is reminder of God's love, call to unity, Pope says

ROME – The Eucharist is a tangible reminder of God's love, and receiving Communion is a call to work to build the body of Christ by loving others and shunning all that sows division within a community, Pope Francis said.

Charting change: Vatican statistics track church health indicators

VATICAN CITY – The health of the Catholic Church can be measured in many ways, and the Vatican has a special office just for that purpose.

Former attorney professes first vows as cloistered Dominican nun

MENLO PARK, Calif. – Tara Clemens was an Anchorage, Alaska, attorney, and an evangelical Christian who joined the Catholic Church during her last months of law school.

Francis holds ‘ad limina’ visits a little differently than his predecessors

VATICAN CITY – The bishops' ad limina visits under Pope Francis has been a little different than under past pontiffs: there are no more speech exchanges and one additional meeting has been added to the schedule.

Norcia monks selling special edition beer to fundraise for earthquake rebuild

NORCIA, Italy – It was God and beer sales that helped sustain the Benedictine monks of Norcia, and it is God and beer sales that will help them rebuild.

New child protection experts graduate from Rome's Jesuit university

VATICAN CITY – Before students were presented with their diplomas in safeguarding minors, they each received a logoed mug as a memento of their time in the Centre for Child Protection's intensive program at the Pontifical Gregorian University.

Mental health has a spiritual element, Holy See reminds UN

GENEVA, Switzerland – The Holy See's representative to the United Nations appealed Wednesday to the Human Rights Council to couple psychological treatment with spiritual care.

In book foreword, Pope Francis calls corruption a 'cancer'

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis, in a foreword to a work by Cardinal Peter Turkson, has said corruption infects the world like a cancer, and the Church must combat it by working together with society, infusing it with mercy.

Faith: We are challenged to break free from fear

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, June 25 (Year A) Jeremiah 20:10-13; Psalm 69; Romans 5:12-15; Matthew 10:26-33

Jeremiah felt absolutely overwhelmed and besieged. His entire prophetic ministry was marked by persecution, ridicule, rejection and attempts on his life. It seemed to him that a host of enemies was arrayed against him, all intent on his destruction.

Faith: Social issues all part of one seamless garment

John of the Cross teaches that within spirituality and morality there are no exempt areas. Simply put, you cannot be a saint or a highly moral person if you allow yourself a moral exemption or two.